Teachee helps you give remote conversational training

Everything you record during the lesson will produce reviewable material.
You will save time & effort while offering better quality to your students.

Learn faster

Help your student learn faster

You can see Teachee as a fancy Anki flashcard maker.
Provide your student with all the materials necessary for his/her learning success. Without any extra effort, for every lesson, you give to your student a flashcards deck, mp3 files of your audio recordings and the phonetic for every word.

Record pronunciation

Record pronunciation

Your student learn to speak properly from the start. He/she can listen to your pronunciation as many times as needed.

Save time

Save 20% of your time

With Teachee, you don’t need much preparation anymore.
Connect with your student, record the sentences while giving the lesson and that’s it. You can spend more time with your loved ones or doing your hobbies :)

Lesson planner

Your online lesson planner

Teachee was first built to give personalised lesson to your student, but you can plan ahead the sentences you will work together. You can also create full courses to sell.

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your students

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