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Save time

Save yourself 20+ hours per month

If you work 20h a week and spend 15min after each hour doing extra non-paid work, that's 20h a month that you could get back.

Stand out

Stand out from competitors

When students will check your online profile on teachers listing websites, you can promise them to deliver audio recordings, flashcards and a voice recognition system.

Give care

Give students the care they deserve

Everything you'll work with your student will generate workable content (flashcards deck, podcast, printable lesson)

How does it work?

Live lesson with your student

Teachee assists you in creating the lesson’s
material. Enjoy the phonetic transcriptions & auto-translation

Speech to textRecord audio

How to give a lesson
Review on Anki

Your student reviews alone

The student uses flashcards and your audio
to practice

Export to AnkiExport to audio

Your student pays to book you

When the lesson is over your student is invited to book you. You can offer discount for group of lessons.

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